She once treated a poor thief far better than I deserved. She does that a lot.


Belle French Meme: Two Characteristics



Technicolor Belle


Trailer - Belle

Directed by Amma Asante. Starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Miranda Richardson, Emily Watson Tom Wilkinson, Sarah Gadon, Sam Claflin, James Norton, Penelope Wilton, Tom Felton, Sam Reid and Matthew Goode. Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last month.

First, this looks pretty solid. Second, I have been wanting a “Black Girl Period Piece” as my friend Cameron calls for it forever. Third, why do I have to wait until May?

In theaters May 2, 2014

“I try to build a full personality for each of our cartoon characters - to make them personalities.” - Walt Disney


{Once Upon a Time DVD} - Building Character
Emilie de Ravin and Robert Carlyle filming ‘Skin Deep’ 



This has been posted on tumblr a few times already, but the artist has finished the set and I thought I’d post the complete gallery, because I am so in love with this concept and get so excited when people combine history with art. (I’ve inserted the locations and dates Shoomlah narrowed for each princess just for funsies.)

Historically Accurate Disney Princesses! by Shoomlah

and because I didn’t have room to include her, here’s Cinderella

I need the darkness, the sweetness, the sadness, the weakness 
Oh I need this 
I need a lullaby, a kiss goodnight, angel, sweet love of my life 
Oh I need this 



Random request week results 2 of 3.

“The Disney Princesses at high tea, drawn to look like their film’s ages (Snow White is 75, Cinderella is 62, Aurora is 53, etc.). More grande dame than goofy. The ‘younger’ Princesses could be drawn as toddlers or young women” for mdmbrightside.   Seeing as they needed a common environment despite their various fairytale eras I brought them all together into an edwardian afternoon tea setting, hope that’s ok. 


Simple Disney Princess Phone Backgrounds by PetiteTiaras
Do not claim as your own. Click to make the image bigger.  

Featured: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora (pink & blue), Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Kida, Tiana, and Rapunzel. More coming soon!