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Search these words in your iTunes and post the first song that comes up with that word in the title.
Love: Everything We Had - The Academy Is... - P.S. I love you soundtrack
Hate: Haters - Hilary Duff
Light: Waiting for the lights (score) - Alan Menken
Dark: Meet me Halfway - The Black Eyes Peas
Good: Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye - Anything Goes
Bad: Bad Reputation - Avril Lavigne
Hello: Hello, Goodbye - Glee Cast
Bye: Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye - Anything Goes
Up: This could kill me - Amy Stroup
Down: Showdown (score) - Alexander Desplat

Title: You Always Make Me Smile

Artist: Kyle Andrews

Played: 60 times

As a princess, it might not be all about fun and games…







LOL Admiral….

Just ideas. :))

omg. I want to do this some day! :3

#grin at someone, lean in really close, tell them you have new socks, wink. #bring a children’s book and start reading out loud

Omg this is awesome.. is it weird if I already did some things on this list? XDD


Harry Potter as a teen comedy.

Bloody Brilliant.

The Muppets Movie Trailer Official (HD) (by bjanko78)

I can’t believe we have that in the budget.

What it means when you say “literally”


LOL! xD hahahahahaha! I promise not to “Literally” anymore! xD

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Best entertaining/jamming page ever.

Been there since my friend passed it to me. Just, well… ENTERTAINING.

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just remember that kurt was watching and loved this

Mark’s face tho! Hahahahha!

It’s all about Mark’s face.

One of the Boys…

So, here I am again, going back to the FRIENDS subject :D

I am a girl, as far as idiot as that sounds, but yeah I wanted to make it clear. So now that we’ve cleared that up, let me tell you that yeah, I LOVE my girlfriends, and every little crazy and stupid thing we do together. I love every song we sing, every dance we invent, every secret we share, every drama we take part of. But there’s nothing compared to my long list of guy-friends.

Yeah, to make another thing cleared up, I am a girly girl, I love LOVE, I love romantic comedies more than I should, I love everything connected to rainbows, peace signs and that kind of stuff guys hate… But still, I have a boy side, which it’s pretty big. xD

And I guess that boy part in me is what makes so easy to me to relate with guys. I think I have more guy-friends (the good friend material, with the ones you can really create family bounds) than girl-friends… And I’ve never consider that creepy, or at least most of the time.

Yeah, I’m proud to say my very best friend is boy, and he’s straight, even tho I really want a gay friend… Well, whatever… going back to the point, my best friend is a boy, not a girl, my tennis mate is a boy, the person who told me to get a tumblr account is a boy, my very first friend at high school is a boy, my lost brother is a boy (fail, I know), the friend who has established a “friend-bully” relationship is a boy… I even have not one, but TWO younger brothers… yeap, my life is full of men.

So, I really think I’m one of the boys, and I’m kinda proud of that. If there are things I have learned from guys… well here they are:

- Boys will always have your back and will listen to your problems, even when they’re about to win Black Ops, or something like that, you can count on that.

- Boys won’t lead you into drama situations, they actually avoid them.

- Boys will help you with your crush 90% of the time. The other 10% they will protect you, or convince you to hate your crush as much as they do.

- Boys give better hugs than girls. {Sorry girls, but it’s the truth, you cannot compare that}

And well, there is more stuff, but I ran out of inspiration. Still, my advice here is: GET A GUY-FRIEND. They are simply the best, always.

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