4 albums, 3 movies, a tv show, 51 awards, from mall performances to world tours, from boys to men. We’ve been through it all with you.
Thank you.

I will be right there for you till the end, the end of time.”

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Brothers first. 

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Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the happiness. Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for making me who I am. Kevin, Nick, Joe… I love you, and always will.

Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the happiness. Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for making me who I am. Kevin, Nick, Joe… I love you, and always will.


These boys have changed my life. When I had rough patches in my life they were always there. They was the ones who told me giving up is not a option. They are my heroes. Even though you haven’t actually been there, I know through your music that you are.  You guys help me through so much and I never wanted to see this day come. I cant say thank u enough to them. They did what they say they was going to do. Thank you . We will always love you ♥


Joe Jonas may have just won my award for Favorite Person Ever.


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there are two types of people in the world. x | x

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they give me so much hOPE

I don’t know if this means they broke up.


Yeah, they’ve deleted their Twitter. No, they themselves haven’t made a personal statement yet. But I just keep thinking about the 3 boys that I KNOW, that wouldn’t do this to their fans, that wouldn’t leave them in the dust like this, wouldn’t end all of their hard work and look past all of our support and announce their breakup by deleting their Twitter page.

We know the boys too well, to think that they’d hurt us like this. And i know what you’re going to say, “they’re hurting us now by canceling the tour, but not saying anything, etc. etc.” but to be honest, I don’t care. Something serious could be going on. YES, I want answers, YES, I’m upset, pissed, you name it, I’m that. But I still love and support the boys, and I hope they’re okay. And they can bounce back and be better than ever. 

I’m staying. Even if this is another break. Or if it’s the end. I’m going to be here and I sure as hell hope to see you at the finish line.

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Wow, no. I just have to get this out of my system.

So I come to my laptop, to check out some homework. And, I come to realize that the @JonasBrothers twitter no longer exists. And, I’m trying all in my power to just don’t break into tears.

Why? Ok, I think I handled the whole tour cancellation kinda alright. It’s a shock for me, because last time I remember they cancelled a concert it was in Mexico and it was because the whole damn country was fucking dying. And then, what did they do? They squeezed in a date to still give the concert (July 2009, never forget). But now, last week they just shot down 18 dates, plus Christmas appearances. 

And this was because some “different views on where they want to take the new music”.

Hey, well, OK. They grow up. At least, from what I’ve lived in these soon-to-be 19 years of life, growing up means changing and developing your ideas. Re-discovering yourself. Maybe they’re doing that, because it’s what they’ve been doing with their music. From It’s About Time to Fastlife. But, why come so far with this?

And yeah, they can do it, whatever. But now they come and practically close the twitter account. Chances are that they might be changing it, I don’t know. But chances are it is close for real. It happened to all the boy bands, ok, whatever. I’m letting it sink in. Even if it hurts, I’m letting it sink in.

What it’s bothering me right now it’s their lack of communication. What happened to all those “Soon”, or to Joe’s continuous posts on Instagram, or Papa Jonas constant retweets? Why haven’t we heard from them in a week, two weeks (depending on the twitter account). What happened to all that, most of the time bugged and delayed, communication with us? Live chats, twitter Q&As?

These guys, even if it might seem silly, have been one of the only constants I can recall in my life, since I was in 6th grade. These guys have been my constant since 2007. Fuck it, these guys are one of the few I cannot just skip while listening to music.

I might not be the greatest fan, because I haven’t even been able to meet them (fuck, I just realized this. What if I never even get this wicked chance ever again?) or been able to go to ALL the concerts. Or, hell I’m not even in the fan club (then again, I’m not officially in any fan club). But, these guys are worth it. We’ve seen them in all the possible situations. And now they are not even saying Hi, or talking about how great the coffee they drank in the morning was good or not.

I saw them live this February, and I got to listen to 3 of the new songs. But people who saw them during the summer got from 4 to 6 new songs. And now, I am seeing the release of V kind of impossible, and it just sucks. We’ve been waiting for this for 4 years. Hell, 5 even. And it’s just slipping away from our hands… and we don’t even know why.

I’m just. Sad, and frustrated.

I’ve put the fact that they might be officially over… I just want them to say something. Anything really. I just want to know they are OK.



Moment of silence for the Jonas fan base

I’m literally crying



Moment of silence for the Jonas fan base

I’m literally crying

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why have a boyfriend when you could spend all your money on a band that will never love you

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