I think Klaus and Hayley are related…..


Me: Whoa, this character kills a lot of people
Me: They're my favorite

Is that what this is about, your obsession with hybrids? You just don’t want to be alone?”

You’re beautiful. You’re strong. You’re full of light. I enjoy you.


Julie plec interview;

When “Tyler” was saying goodbye to Caroline and talking about her beautiful future, was he already Klaus, at that point?

Yeah. We definitely were hinting at that with the “you’re beautiful and you’ll have a great future” line. That was a classic Klaus-Caroline line, so we wanted to give a little hint there. All that smooching and all that emotion wasn’t Tyler at all, in fact, was Klaus.

We didn’t see Klaus’s body turn to ash, so I assume there’s some plan in place to keep Joseph Morgan in the mix.

Yep. I’d say there’s a fairly significant chance, if not a 99.9% likelihood that body did not burn up in that coffin.

Before we see him return to that body, is he going to have a little fun being Tyler?

Yep. He’s definitely going to prolong his stay, at least in the first episode, due to circumstance. Whatever goes down between Caroline and “Tyler” in the first episode will actually be happening between Caroline and Klaus, so we’ll have some fun there.

This is legit as it was written on Wetpaint and Carina tweeted it so I’m almost sure Joseph Morgan has a chance of coming back as Klaus. Also, personally I can’t wait to watch Klaus in Tylers body as long as its not for the majority of Season 4.

Last paragraph is an opinion BUT I AGREE. I WANT JOSEPH BACK. I can imagine the drama that will exist when Caroline finds out that it was Klaus in Tyler’s body. AND OH- THE “I’m confused for my feelings. I hate Klaus for doing this to me, but I love him because it was Tyler… etc etc” GOLD. COME ON GIVE IT TO ME.

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you’re safe.


3x21 Webclip. Klaus just needs to pick up a few things on his way out of town…

Hey Pau, look at this.


accurate reaction is accurate


all you have to do is ask.