make me choose: rapunzel or tiana


Favorite Tangled things: Rapunzel being artistic.


in which everyone angrily states what/who they are and then there’s Jack



“I try to build a full personality for each of our cartoon characters - to make them personalities.” - Walt Disney

And at last I see the light



This has been posted on tumblr a few times already, but the artist has finished the set and I thought I’d post the complete gallery, because I am so in love with this concept and get so excited when people combine history with art. (I’ve inserted the locations and dates Shoomlah narrowed for each princess just for funsies.)

Historically Accurate Disney Princesses! by Shoomlah

and because I didn’t have room to include her, here’s Cinderella



#they have the best kisses in any disney thing ever#EVER #because it’s always rapunzel grabbing him and pulling him close #which is GREAT #because her entire character arc is about her seizing the life she deserves#and reveling in every tiny magical moment #and she’s met this boy that she loves#and she’ll be DAMNED if she ever lets him go #SHE EVEN DIPS HIM #SHE DIPS HIM AND KISSES HIM #my daaaaaaarling girl #and the wedding kiss killed me DEAD because eugene’s face is so priceless #he’s still not used to it #he’s still not used to her at all #and he probably never will be 


Random request week results 2 of 3.

“The Disney Princesses at high tea, drawn to look like their film’s ages (Snow White is 75, Cinderella is 62, Aurora is 53, etc.). More grande dame than goofy. The ‘younger’ Princesses could be drawn as toddlers or young women” for mdmbrightside.   Seeing as they needed a common environment despite their various fairytale eras I brought them all together into an edwardian afternoon tea setting, hope that’s ok.