"Of course, any time the family produced someone halfway decent they were disowned." 


o my god, I did this

I did this and my head hurts 

but I did this:DD

anyway, I needed more of my precious little pranksters<33 There is no Peter since I think he ‘joined’ them later, not in the very first meeting.. although I am not sure if this is the first meeting but it was supposed to be..hehe:D

backgrounds are evil I can’t draw those

don’t mind me

Also, if you can guess whose owl it is your house gets 5 points:D or 10. or 50, take as much as you like.

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so.. someone on tumblr suggested genderbend marauders for my livestream (a while ago considering how fast I was with drawing it, haha), so I figured I’d want to draw them as girls (although these guys are made to be..well, GUYS) :D

Just wanted to say here, that please don’t be confused with ‘James’ here. I don’t think he’d be COMPLETELY different as a girl. That’s just I think ‘she’ wouldn’t be pleased with her hair always being so messed up:D And girl-Sirius would always mess it up as a joke, ahah:D
And I think ‘Jane’ wouldn’t be so self-confident with ‘Liam’ either:3 And everytime she would spot Liam nearby, she would always try to fix her hair:3 Hahah I just don’t see ‘Jane’ being so suure about Liam:D So that’s why she acts like this here.
But she’s still ‘James’ at the same time, haha
that’s all I wanted to say I think^^

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I figured I don’t have enough of little marauders, so here they are, on their very first year in Hogwarts. <3

James is totally talking about something really scary like him sneaking into the girl’s bathroom or whatever and freaking them out
look at this face, isn’t it terrifying?:D

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'Can a man still be brave if he's afraid?'

'That is the only time a man can be brave,'.



and James is pretty much just spying on Evans.

hehe I intend to finish this one.. and..well, I normally don’t fangirl over my own drawings, but. Sirius. *_*

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Marauders profiles: Sirius, James, Remus.

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Sirius Black died June 18, 1996.


“I’m worried, Padfoot. I.. I can’t let anything happen to Lily. I don’t know what I’d do without her.” James almost whispered, focusing on his breathing pattern to calm himself down.
   Sirius knew how much James loved Lily. Merlin, who didn’t? And, he knew that James would do anything he could to protect her. “You’ll be fine, James. Nothing’ll happen. I promise, Prongs.”