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No really, Sherlock. He’s the Doctor.

Doctor Who, “Flesh and Stone”

Doctor Who link, anyone?

I want to watch it!!! and nor 1channel, nor other 2 streaming links I had works! The chapter is still not up and I cannot wait!

Pretty please, as a Christmas/birthday present! :D

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of all time and space…

Doctor Who thoughts. Blame my philosophy test tomorrow.

I was thinking, Amy’s end note… the one she left the Doctor, it said that he should go back and things. We get the scene from ‘The Eleventh Hour’ after he reads it… that lead me (and many) think that the Doctor knew the Pond’s fate since the beginning of practically everything.

But then again, we have the Doctor giving away his age… which I know is a total mess, but series 5 always showed a 900 years-something Doctor, then in series 6 we get a 1024 years-something Doctor, right? THEN we have series 7 and the Doctor just goes like “Oh yeah I’m 1200 or something years-old, no prob”.

SO, today I remembered Amy’s lines in ‘The Eleventh Hour’… “Twelve years, and four psychiatrists!” “They said you weren’t real.” blah blah blah, and also ‘The Big Bang’ “When I was a kid I had an imaginary friend. The Raggedy Doctor. My Raggedy Doctor. But he wasn’t imaginary. He was real.” I know after that she goes all “I remember you” because the time cracks deleted the Doctor and stuff… BUT here’s what I’ve been thinking:

What if the Doctor indeed returned? Not five minutes later, but the next day… when Amelia wakes up in her room (just where the Doctor old self left her in ‘The Big Bang’) and goes outside again to wait for the Doctor (just as we see her at the end of ‘Angels take Manhattan’). That seems legit, because gives Amelia enough proves to accept and know the Doctor is real, he is her friend and he is amazing… but also gives the Doctor an opportunity not to fuck up time. 

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Doctor Who Christmas special - The Snowman

the Doctor’s Wife


Eleven/Amy parallels 
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