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Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

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ARGH, taking all those emotions out feels better.

But I still consider I am not aloud to do a lot of stuff.

I’ve had a huge struggle to finally accept and understand I can have other feelings, and most important, that I can show them.

I used to bee a happy girl 100% of the time, in front of people… and in front of myself; so if something not happy happened to me, I’d just put that feeling in the back of my mind so I could keep ruling the happy place around me.

Now I see the horrible mistake I made, now everyone thinks I should keep going and ruling that happy place ALL the time.

I don’t like that at all, because I want to show that I feel more than happiness.

Just saying… yeah, don’t judge the look in the people, don’t judge the way people dress or talk. But most important, DO NOT JUDGE THE WAY PEOPLE FEEL.

Now, thank you.

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