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Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.

 - Anonymous 
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So much, in so short

I’m kinda proud of myself! I past the 30 posts in just one-and-something day! :D Plus, I haven’t been misspelling a lot. That is extra pride.

And well, the tittle here, it kinda apply not only to my recent posts (yeah!), but it also applies to a lot of everyday-things in the past weeks. Just to mention a few things, exams, tears, laughs, surprises, punishments, discovers, plans.

Every single thing that has happened to my, now just makes me wonder: Why life passes so incredible fast? Why does it seems like destiny doesn’t want me, us, to enjoy ever moment slowly?

I don’t think I have an answer to that, actually, I don’t have the answer to many things. And, well, that’s what makes life interesting, don’t knowing what’s gonna happen, don’t knowing what’s gonna change, having all those mysteries around.

But still, there’s one thing I cannot get. Speed. Why everything these days seems to be in fast-forward? Couldn’t life stop to enjoy little wonderful moments, and return to its curse after we’ve totally saved up those instants…

I guess the lesson here is:

Make any precious moment last LONGER. Lock them in your mind and then share them with those you love. Take pictures, enjoy even those hard times, because at the end, those terrible moments always will leave a lesson.

That was today’s philosophy.


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