"My best day had to be the day after I wrapped Guardians of the Galaxy. I was very homesick and coming home to my wife, and my home, and to my son, who was at the time 13 months old. My wife told me there’s a chance he won’t recognize you—but that’s okay that happens all the time. He doesn’t know, he might be a little shy…"

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You can buy them from this store on Etsy!


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“…all this uncertainty with You-Know-Who coming back, people think they might be dead tomorrow, so they’re rushing all sorts of decisions they’d normally take time over. it was the same last time he was powerful, people eloping left, right, and centre...”“Including you and Dad.”  "Yes, well, your father and I were made for each other, what was the point in waiting?"

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Our Winter (speedpaint)
print here
(please do not remove the watermark, caption, or steal and repost. thanks!)


Our Winter (speedpaint)

print here

(please do not remove the watermark, caption, or steal and repost. thanks!)

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In 10 or 11 years when she gets the joke, she’s gonna love this photo.

How long do you think it takes a child to learn how to read



In 10 or 11 years when she gets the joke, she’s gonna love this photo.

How long do you think it takes a child to learn how to read

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Golden Trio+ Tattoos



  • Harry gets a tiny little golden Snitch tattoo on his shoulder after everything is over, because it seems to be the most important magical object as of yet, and it reminds him of being eleven and happy, but also of his parents walking with him in the forest, and Dumbledore giving it to him, and his dad tossing one up in the air and even of Ginny, who makes a living chasing after them.
  • Ron goes into the tattoo parlor with Harry and comes out with Fred’s name tattooed really small and low on his hip in a scrawl, because he knows he’ll never forget him, but he hates being left with nothing to do but go to a funeral and stand at a grave (Ginny hears about it and gets one too, and so does Percy, then Charlie, then Bill, and George is the only one who doesnt because well. Looking in the mirror is enough).
  • Ron likes tattoos, so he eventually gets a version of his mum’s clock tattooed on his back, with all the family names including Fred, Hermione, and Harry. When his kids are born, he adds them too and his mum definitely cries when she sees it.
  • Hermione is very reluctant to get a tattoo, but is persuaded by Harry and Ron to get matching ones. She gets the Hogwarts school Latin motto in script tattooed along her hip, and when they get matching ones its three small golden rings overlapping to form a triangle, because they know they’re called the Golden Trio by the media, but it also sort of represents their relationship with each other both as pairings and as a trio since it all sort of overlaps into a three circle venn diagram. (Ron gets a little heart in the space where his and Hermione’s overlap and Ginny and George tease him mercilessly about it for years)
  • Ron jokes that they should each get a Horcrux tattoo with Neville, Ginny, and Luna and Harry just stares at him like he’s insane and goes, my scar is enough for that thanks

Oh damn, I forgot to add it but I was thinking about it last night and wanted to add that maybe Ron would get two full sleeve tattoos that tell the full story of his adventures with Harry and Hermione because he loves to tell the stories to the kids. There’s at least two dragons, a dark forest, giant chess pieces, a troll, Quidditch memorabilia, a three headed dog, tentacle brains, a hippogriff, the Whomping Willow, a flying car, and the sword of Gryffindor. Its a tale of his adventures, but not at all disrespectful or triggering (a la Pacific Rim, ahem), and instead the kids love to poke at it while he tells them of the time he totally broke into Gringotts with Harry and Hermione, no its true, listen.

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Peter & Jenna on set - Doctor Who series 8 - June 16, 2014 


Peter & Jenna on set - Doctor Who series 8 - June 16, 2014 

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The Cookie Cup

what a time to be alive 

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London in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal Studios Orlando) [x]

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up close and personal
alberta ferretti spring 2014 rtw

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Modern AU where the Marauders own a bakery and Lily is a stressed, high profile lawyer with a sweet tooth who stops by every morning for a chocolate croissant.


  • it’s called “marauder munchies” their consultant said the name would bring their business down but they insisted (also they also do cakes)
  • lily stops by one day to wait out a sudden burst of rain and ends up having a cup of tea
  • she comes back the next day and has a croissant
  • then it just becomes routine bc it’s right on her way to work between the office and the train station
  • and bc she doesn’t like the idea of facing work without having had a small dose of sugar
  • all four boys bake but each have a different specialty
  • peter’s best at cheese cakes and cup cakes
  • remus does the bread
  • james is great at tarts and biscuits
  • and sirius’ specialty is pastries - aka croissants
  • lily gets to know their names but they only ever learn her surname and even that’s just from the top of the report peter sees sticking out from her bag one day
  • james tried to ask her if she wanted to go for drinks with him but lily didn’t hear him and thought he was asking her for her order so just told him “the usual - pan a chocolate please”
  • james is extremely infuriated that sirius’ best is her usual and so the boys make a bet
  • "thirty quid you can’t get her to order anything but a chocolate croissant by the end of the month"
  • so each day one of the marauders tries to convince her to order something else
  • "why not try a cheese cake? just a slice?" "no thanks, cheese cakes are hard to carry in london"
  • "have you tried any of the biscuits? we’ve got all sorts; chocolate, shortcake, ginger -" "just my usual please"
  • "apparently the strawberry tarts are very good" "i’m going to ignore that euphemism and ask for my usual please"
  • "have you tried the lemon cake?"
  • "what about a victoria sponge today?"
  • "have a bread roll!"
  • "you know that the cheese cakes are cheaper than the croissants right?"
  • but of course sirius does everything he can to counter this
  • "enjoying the croissant?"
  • "your usual choice then? they’re fantastic, aren’t they?"
  • "if i could eat anything for the rest of my life it would be those croissants"
  • i’m thinking of giving you a discount if you keep buying the croissants!”
  • and lily suspects something is up but isn’t quite sure what and so just continues buying the croissant bc they’re actually really nice
  • but then there are three days left
  • and the boys are getting desperate so they explain to lily that if she desn’t buy something other than a croissant they’ll have to each cough up thirty pounds and sirius will lord it over them forever
  • lily rolls her eyes and says “you should have said something in the first place. i’ll have a red velvet cupcake please”
  • and james leans over the counter and kisses her (just a quick peck on the lips in his jubilation) and lily blushes bright red
  • they next day he asks for her number and she leaves without answering (with a croissant) and sirius rubs it in a lot bc he’s sore about having to pay the others thirty pounds
  • but the next day lily slips a bit of paper into the tip jar and it’s her number
  • james calls her and they arrange a date
  • it’s at the bakery and they spend the evening trying out test recipes and baking and by the end of it james has a fully fledged crush 
  • they go on several more dates and he always brings along some new tart or biscuit or jam or cake to try
  • at the end of one date she invites him back to her flat and you know
  • the next day james leaves bc he has to work but he leaves a note saying see you soon - j
  • except lily doesn’t turn up at six forty eight which is weird bc she’s always on time
  • james is really worried and hurt
  • lily turns up though
  • she comes into the bakery at six fifty seve and asks an in shock james what he thinks of the strawberry tart
  • and he just stammers “it’s fantastic”
  • and she kisses him over the counter and asks for a chocolate croissant whilst the other marauders forget about their customers and just stare
  • from then on she ends up turning up to a lot of her meetings or trials with flour somewhere on her clothes
  • james forces sirius to make a special croissant to his own new recipe
  • and it’s got food dye in so it’s red (which took a while to perfect) and it’s got massive chunks of melted chocolate in and all of lily’s favourite flavours and he puts it on display next to the chocolate croissants
  • with the label “strawberry tart”
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