things I miss:

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Things that I learned in Canada.

So, I finally came back home, and truth is I already miss Canada. I really learned a lot of stuff, not entirely necessary, but still… Everything will be in my heart forever.

Here they are, stuff.

Pretty much, that was what I learned.

Did I mention Free Hugging? I dunno. Whatever it is great.



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Woo-hoo! I am a graduated girl!
No more classes… Vacations again! XD

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Creative Writing Exercise.

Today we had this at English class… and suddenly I ended up writing a whole story. A long one, which by the way still need an end.

And also somehow, Darren Criss ended up as the main character (I guess because I had my hot pink glasses in front of me! xD). Whatever, it isn’t canon, or real life… he is just there! He is the victim, ha ha!

I guess I’ll post EVERYTHING I’ve written so far next week! You will finally see my writing “Skills”. So, well, beware.



07-20 / 23:16

I’m not sad today

I went ‘Free Hugging’ in downtown while buying souvenirs for my family.

More than 30 people hugged me… I just… I am not sad today at all :)

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July 16th, 2011
The day I fully ENDED a labello… WITHOUT losing it.

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After all this time?

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I’m a girl who likes chocolate… Therefore, my mission is to buy every single chocolate that is not sold in Mexico.
This are the ones I have so far

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My new glasses! :DD

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I have a new nail polish!

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I remember the post if the yesterday

So here’s what I was posting yesterday:
that’s what our toefl teacher told us yesterday, in the classroom, and I went down all excited just because I really want to be on it…
Then the teacher said “In Canada the same sex marriage is legal” and I clapped and go EVEN MORE EXCITED because I love the fact that in the country I am staying the GLBT community has equal rights…
I went all exited because of EQUALITY.
And what did the rest of the group did? Oh, they just gave me offensive looks and made jokes about me, they started to laugh to… And then a little debate started.
I just said that I went exit because I love the facts of equality, and then some guys went like “I respect them and all but I don’t support the idea of adoption” a d so
E others just stood there with and uncomfortable face showing zero like for the subject.
Really? I totally hated it, it’s just, COME ON! we are talking about people, not some strange aliens! We are tailing about people who has the same rights as the rest of the world!

and that’s what happened yesterday.

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I went to the beach this afternoon, and this was the view… Pretty nice, huh?

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